Monday, January 14, 2013

Rural Electrification

Rural electrification remains a major obstacle in underdeveloped countries.  

The tremendous impact of the introduction of reliable power supply in rural areas is nowadays well studied. It allows the use of appliances, pumps, tools and machines which altogether significantly increase the productivity; it enables further use of night hours to carry certain activities and it enhances the population awareness to their political and economic environment.

However, we are now seeing also the formidable impact generated by a regular access & transfer of information provided by mobile communication in those same environments   and the best proof is the speed of the penetration of mobile communications in underdeveloped countries and the many original uses and applications that are being developed for them.

By reducing the level of infrastructure needed, a cost effective autonomous power supply unit to feed mobile communication towers proves to be therefore a powerful instrument for development in remote areas.

WattJet is studying alternative reliable supply units to mobile communication towers.


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